Thorir Hardarson

Thorir Hardarson is the Laboratory Director at Livio Reykjavik, Iceland and the Scientific Director for Livio, Sweden. He received his training at the University of Iceland where he got his bachelor in biology and masters degree in physiology. Moving to Sweden 1997, he did research at Gothenburg University his PhD was on human embryology. In the research for his PhD he was one of the pioneers starting to use time-lapse technology to study the dynamic development of embryos already in 1999.

His research interests has focused on new methods in identifying the best embryo to transfer, ranging from static and dynamic (time-lapse) morphological evaluation as well as metabolomics and PGS.

He is the past chair of the ALPHA, has published over 60 scientific papers, book chapters and abstracts on embryology and human IVF and is a reviewer of RBM Online and Human Reproduction.