Paul Devroey

Paul Devroey, MD, PhD, received his medical education at the Dutch-speaking Catholic University of Louvain in 1971. He completed his doctorate in gynaecology, obstetrics and infertility on oocyte donation at the Dutch-speaking Brussels Free University in 1989. It was here that he pioneered the use of intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) in 1991. Professor Dr. P. Devroey has received three national and four international awards for research, and has written four books covering genetics and assisted conception, and ICSI theory and practice.

His Hirsch-index is 114 and he was cited 51 505 times.

Professor Devroey was a founding member and the first President of the Belgian Society of Reproductive Medicine. He has held the position of Director of Medical Education of the International Federation of Fertility Societies (IFFS) since 2011 and has been a member of the International Editorial Board of Acta Obstetrica et Gynecologica Scandinavica since 2000. Previous appointments held by Professor Devroey include Professor of Reproductive Medicine at the medical campus of the Dutch-speaking Brussels Free University (1986 -2011); Clinical Director of the Centre for Reproductive Medicine at the Dutch-speaking Brussels Free University (1983-2011). He was visiting Professor at the University of Manilla and University of Hong Kong. He is the past-chairman of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology.

On 17/09/2015 he give in Budapest the Nobel Prize Laureate – Robert G. Edwards: 4th annual lecture with the title Innovation in IVF is the only future.