Maurizio Dattilo

Maurizio Dattilo, MD (Naples, Italy, April 1961)
Swiss resident, Italian and Swiss citizenship
Graduated as medical doctor and board certified (hepatology) at the University of Naples, Italy. Academic research
focus in the trans-methylation reactions as indicators of liver function
In 1991 started a career in the drug industry (Roche, Wyeth, ICN, Serono) in the area of project development and
medical affairs. In year 2000 moved to Switzerland to undertake the responsibility of International Director at IBSA,
Switzerland. Initially focused on reproductive endocrinology and on structure-activity relationships of gonadotrophins,
progressively moved his interest toward genetics, genomics and their metabolic phenotypes.
In 2012 gave up with the pharma career to focus on own projects by initiating an independent collaboration with a
primary research institute in Italy (Biogem) dedicated to in vitro and in vivo animal models (both wild type and
transgenic) in the area of oncology, reproductive biology and system toxicology.
Since April 2012 serves as Scientific Director at Parthenogen SAGL, Lugano, Switzerland, to develop new tools in the
area of human reproduction with a special focusing on metabolic aspects of infertility. The main areas of investigation
and development include male gametes metabolism and its derangements, environmental damages to gametes and
embryos and their epigenetic effects, interaction between nutrition and gametogenesis (one patent application
ongoing). Other projects on work include epigenetic-friendly culture media for human embryos and a new drug for
the suppression of the spontaneous LH peak in ART cycles (patent application ongoing).
Stable member of the ESHRE and of their Special Interest Groups of Reproductive Endocrinology and of Reproductive
genetics. Other memberships include the Mediterranean Society for Reproductive Medicine (MSRM), the Italian
Society of Andrology (SIA) and the Italian Society of Human Reproduction (SIRU).
Editor, author of publications and reviewer for peer reviewed journals, speaker and chairman at scientific meetings.