Dear members of TSRM, scientists who are working in the field of reproduction, doctors, biologists, nurses and respected representatives of the industry,

In the 17th year of our association, we are organising our 9th congress. As we are all accustomed to by now, this congress is held at Antalya Susesi Hotel Congress Centre on 4-8 November 2020. Susesi and Ela Quality Hotels, side by side and of high quality, are preferred to serve all participants.

Receiving positive reflections and more than expected international participation filled us with pride while raising our bar. With this awareness, our congress company is selected in a period of time that might be considered too short and the preparations started rapidly. 

In this congress, we will have the appreciated and high-level classes, panels, training modules, “pros-cons” sessions along with the presentations of a high-level academic group coming all across the world and international associations. It is also foreseeable that the industry, who always has our back, will enrich our congress with satellite symposiums and product presentations.

In our last congress, our association awarded the highest scientific prize and grant and we hope to do the same, with more, this time. We have granted scholarships to our assistants, PhD and masters students and nurses and we will continue to do so.

I would like to invite you to this traditional science fest on behalf of our board, advisory committee and respected scientists of our country working in all branches of our association.


Prof. Dr. Ahmet Zeki Işık

President of TSRM